Welcome to the USS Tecumseh

From: Admiral Anthony Stallbridge, Exodus Fleet
To: Commodore Shiloh Steele, Commanding Officer, USS Tecumseh
Subject: Mission Orders

As you know, the Tecumseh is brand new, fresh off the line at Utopia Planita Fleet Yards, and built specifically for deep space exploration.
You are instructed to proceed to DS9 and from there, through the wormhole to begin mapping and exploration in the Gamma Quadrant. The area in which we want you to focus has been included with these orders. You are authorized to make contact, on warp capable worlds, and are mandated with exploration and mapping. The reports you send back should include analysis of potential threats to the Federation as well as resources you locate in your journey.
While you will rendezvous and provide support to the shorter range, Oberth class, survey vessels already working in the area, Starfleet has also established a series of rudimentary deep space stations. These stations are without amenities -- no shopping or restaurants, I'm afraid -- but they will dispatch resupply vessels and tenders to meet up with you should you need additional supplies, mission specialists, crew replacements, etc.
Interest in the quadrant is increasing and it is important to the Federation that we establish a presence there. Contact with other interested parties, such as the Klingons, Romulans or Cardassians, should be included in your reports as well.
On a separate matter, I have approved your transfer requests for specific members of your crew on board USS White Dove. They should already have orders to report to the USS Tecumseh. If there's anything else I can do for you before your departure, please let me know.
Good luck, Commodore Steele. Frankly, I'd give a pip to be able to come with you.
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