The USS Tecumseh is a Galaxy Class vessel constructed specifically for deep space exploration. It is, for the most part, entirely self-contained and capable of supporting a total of 1316 Starfleet officers, enlisted, and civilian crew members with additional quarters available for VIPs, mission specialists, and other guests. The Tecumseh can also function when needed as a battleship -- the Saucer Section separates to remove non-combatants from battle.

The Tecumseh also has extensive medical and scientific facilities, engineering and maintenance shops, as well as three shuttle bays, its own fleet of shuttles and runabouts, two fighter wings, and the Captain's Yacht.

Because the ship is rated for deep space exploration, often alone for months, even years, at a time, the Tecumseh is somewhat self-contained with a variety of activities available to its crew, including:

  • Concert Hall and Theater with a regular schedule of performances
  • Four Holodecks and 19 Holosuites (reservations through Operations)
  • One Holosuite set aside on Beta Shift until 8 PM as a park where all crew members can exercise pets (communal - no private arrangements)
  • Gymnasiums with Masseuse, Sauna, and Jacuzzi
  • Unisex hair salon
  • Workout rooms for martial arts, fencing, and gymnastics
  • Basketball, Racquetball, and Parissi Squares
  • Arboretum
  • Sackett's Orchard (run by T'iath) -- the ship's primary lounge (see tour)
  • Mobile Bay -- an aquatic environment (see tour)
  • Classes offered for either work-related or personal enrichment
  • Special Events (information to be provided by the ship's morale officer)
  • Ship's laundry (delivery to senior staff upon request)
  • 24/7 child care when both parents are either on duty or off ship on an Away Team

All officers are given private quarters -- the standard size being 110 square meters; married officers can request larger quarters at 150 square meters. Within reason, the layout of individual quarters can be adjusted as needed and provisions will be made for pets. Enlisted personnel share quarters (two bedrooms and shared common area/bath) with the overall size of the each until being 65 square meters.

Deck Listing
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